With modern style houses, the selection of furniture is mainly based on functional design, elegance. In which the interior details are arranged simply and neatly

Each interior detail is like a work of art, it always needs its own space, must not only attract the eye but also need to be harmonious with the overall. Absolutely avoid cramped arrangement, it may cause uncomfortable feeling.

Designer can choose the basic shapes, large array, clear colors to bring the best visual effect for the house.


In modern style, colors are used in a neutral way, usually white will be applied as the main background, then interior designer will put striking array of colors to the wall that has been selected as a highlight.

However, this does not mean that it is too restrictive to use, combine colors. It simply remind us to be careful when combining neutral colors with bold colors to make an impression to avoid counter effect.

There are many ways to choose and combine colors to bring efficiency. But no matter what color system you choose, you need to pay attention to the consistency, harmony, focus on the overall feeling as well as choose colors according to the characteristics of each space.


Modern interior design style mainly uses industrial materials such as glass, concrete, chrome or products made from modern technology.


In a modern interior design project, open spaces are intentionally interconnected. For example, the living room and kitchen can be connected on the same space in the case of houses with limited space.

This feature is completely different from the classic style, for the classic house style, Designer focus on the shape and structure, so the combination of two different spaces is quite difficult. While in modern style, this is completely simple because the details are always consistent with each other.


Regardless of interior design style, natural light is always focused. In modern style, this element is even more indispensable. So, usually the architect always take advantage of the design window, curtains layout for maximum light shining through.