At Eland E&C VN, we also have a meaningful and special activity, UKT. UKT is an activity organized under the proposal of BOD for an individual who dedicates to the company for a long time. UKT often happens unexpected and does not have a specific time. Normally, BODs will assign the organization task to the UKT team and keep it completely secret from the main character of the UKT.
The UKT team does everything in secret from preparing surprise drama to leading situations, collaborating among staff, contacting the relatives of the main character to bring the best results to the final shock. A bit of drama and excitement for the main character is UKT’s pride. To have the best successful results, team UKT must prepare everything and bring broken feelings to the main character.
UKT is really a meaningful activity, it not only brings emotions, overwhelming happiness to the main character, and moreover, for the entire staff in the company, UKT creates the connection, the bond between all employees, is a way of showing the respect of BOD for all employees, is the most practical and effective source of motivation and attention.