Our Service


“Half price and double value for customer”


We will make initial plan before any construction begins (shop drawing, budget estimating, etc) for customer to easily decide, follow and control.


We’re confident to receive all kinds of construction projects (from renovation project to build up an apartment buildings, factories).


We will analyze your demand, budget, interests to provide the best option for you


“Design and construct interiors that reflect design and function from the customer’s point of view”


We have a lot of design drawings for different types of projects at multiple prices (high - end, medium - end, low - end).


From the raw house with your requirement, interests, we will give you at least 02 options depended on acreage of the house to fit your estimated budget.


We will come up with some ideas according to customer’s needs. Then, we will give complete drawings (2D, 3D) to customers.


We will make your dream come true. Everyone will have their own dream home

Apartment for sale

Our apartment buildings are located in a city with a reasonable price for everyone, especially for a person who has average earning.

Apartments for rent

We also provide apartment or space for different demands (office, studio, place to stay, etc.).

Apartments for investment

For the geographical locations our apartment buildings are located, they have an extremely competitive price.


Ensure all operations go smoothly.

Catering service

This service is available 24/7, we serve & bring food to your place.

Cleaning services

Such as house cleaning, laundry, bonsai pruning, etc.

Supporting services

Such as payment of electricity and water supply fee, delivery service, booking, etc.

Security services

Such as preserving security and order, handling of disruptive and destructive acts, fire fighting and prevention, etc.

Technical support services

Such as repairing and replacing electricity and water systems, equipment,…