About Us

We create the best environment to satisfy the customer


We will be No.1 Real-Estate Development Company to provide total solution for Common People in the Indochina.
We will concentrate on leading their New opportunity and the better Environment With Half-Price and Double Value at all times.


We exist to Create the Place for Everyone not a Minority of the upper Class.
We believe that all Mankind has their own right to be happy.
We should build all the possibilities for the better World.


SHARING – We work to spend ourselves not to make money
RIGHTNESS – The shortcut is to follow the right track although it is the long way around
GROWTH – The workplace is the school of life
SERVING – The satisfied customer is the best advertisement


Dear our beloved Customers.

Sending the best prayers to you as a way to convey our hope that you may get the harmony between enjoying good health and getting your spirit peaceful.

Maybe you could think the speech that we had already given was just a normal wish which were able to be sent from anyone. However, we are proudly pleased to reveal that this is Eland E&C Manifesto. We are truly focusing on making an environment for our customers so they can keep not only their health but also their soul to get along well by special environment which Eland E&C is creating.

Therefore. we are challenging ourselves to get our customer satisfaction. With half of market price but double value of quality, we always try our best to find out solutions and never stop improving to meet our customer satisfaction. Hopefully, all of people in Vietnam can live in a house fulfilling their circumstance demands

We know that it would be not easy for us to satisfy all of our customers but avoiding involving in illegal issues is a proof to show our honesty to the customers. If there is too many difficulties to bring the customers their satisfaction, no matter how it is hard, we are still willing to choose to achieve the goal with being honesty.

It also such a big honor for us that we can share 10% of our profit with people who are in need of receiving helps and supports from others – including Eland E&CVN members.
We strongly hope we contribute to society such as building hospitals, schools and houses which is under our CSR.

Creating the world that everyone enjoys – Everyone’s LAND. We are ELAND E&C VN.

Thank you

From all Elanders.

Our Partner