At Eland E&C VN, we understand that human are the greatest and valuable asset. Therefore, we always want to bring benefits and long-term development to Elander, helping them become great people in the future.

Eland E&C VN is always looking for people who are willing to experience, learn and contribute to the sustainable development of the company, let join us now!



We can proudly say that the Rotation with passion and the Leadership pipeline is the most special benefit that Eland E&C VN has for Elander.

Eland E&C VN always creates rotation with passion opportunities for employees if they find any difficulty with the current sector. At Eland E&C VN, we do not encourage them to be passionate about what they are doing at the moment, we encourage all our employees to discover themselves, to find out what makes them passionate.

Working at Eland E&C VN, your promotion opportunities will be very high, our company builds training courses of skills and necessary knowledge for employees. Based on that Elander can be promoted to higher positions. From these courses, Elander will have all the knowledge needed to steadily walk on their career path.



– Dynamic, youthful and professional startup environment: Eland E&C VN always sets an international standard from environment, working style, bringing fresh and enthusiastic to Elander

Soft skills and other fields training sessions: It can be said that our training program is extremely diverse and solid, built by the company’s Human Resources team from presentation skills, rhetoric, writing business email, including fields such as Business, Interior Design, Human Resources…

– Encourage development in many different fields: With the orientation of turning employees into future leaders, we do not limit the capabilities of any Elander.

– Indoor and outdoor activities: We have a multitude of events throughout the year, picnics that connect Elander and especially travel twice a year.

Birthday deals: We surprised Elander with a small end-of-day party with 2 movie tickets.

UKT (Unknown time): We create meaningful surprises and happiness for Elanders who devote their dedication to the company through UKT activities – a tradition from Eland Group




– 100% professional knowledge provided by the company

– Support 100% practice reports (carpentry, documents, data …)

– Have practical skills in the business

– In particular, get unforgettable memories with new friends and colleagues



– Opportunity to be a Project Manager, Project Director and experience new challenges

– Get leadership skills, arrange time and professional style

– Opportunities for personal development and high promotion.



– Career development not only in expertise but also in many different fields towards senior leadership positions, master the knowledge and upgrade the vision

– Increase paid leave days in the year